Friday, September 30, 2011


big fan of all three of these lovely ladies. ashley and mary-kate have blazed quite the trail for their younger sister lizzie to follow in, but buzz from TIFF is making it sound like she is going to live up to the olsen name. i'm dying to see her as Martha who escapes an abusive cult in the movie "Martha Marcy May Marlene". watch the trailer here.


tgif. i hope your weekend is filled with lazy mornings, time spent with people you love, and wild adventures. xx

Thursday, September 29, 2011

rebecca minkoff

fall 2011 handbags. awesome collection.
this one is my fave. i love the detail in the leather and the chunky gold chain. could take you anywhere, looking fab. oogle the collection here

mid-day music break

so bummed i didn't jump on the ticket blitz. foster the people are returning to t.o for their third show this saturday. sad to be missing it. helena beat has been on repeat all day. can't stop groovin'. take a listen here.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011


i currently have one measly bookshelf half-way filled with books and the rest of it stocked with as many pictures frames as i can fit. i find bookshelves to be structurally functional and in the cases as noted above, aesthetically appealing as well. i think the open concept shelving allows books and frames and sculptures to be displayed beautifully and you can add small doors for closed storage. the graphic lines they create are timeless and classic and the look can be changed up every once in a while by adding trim or picture frames. the options are endless! (...this is the future interior designer/dork in me coming out...) (oh! i like it when the books are color coded as well!)


now.. your kitchen would have to be quite sizable to allow for a nook to be dedicated to cook book storage like this but with the inspiration and tools right at your fingertips, presented in such a beautiful way, i feel lots of delicious dishes would be wisked up on the regular! one can only dream...

so long summer

with the fading days of summer i thought this photo encapsulates the smells, tastes, sights of summer.. freshness.. farmers markets... the skies are bright blue and sunny right now and i'm hoping there's a couple more days of happiness
(do note, i'm totally not complaining about the onset of fall and winter. i love all the seasons we get to experience in canada and can't wait for the leaves to change! headed north this weekend for a hike in algonquin park and i'm so excited to see all the gorgeous autumn colors!)


gorgeous. had to share.... (found these beauts on everythingbutthedress)

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


sidetrack... i know it might seem a little pathetic, but i must put down my little hamster Lulu tomorrow. shes sick, and i don't want her to suffer. i know it's just a little rodent but i'm sad. you were the cutest little pet ever lulu! i love you


in my search for flats... these top the list...


oh how i love my fashion magazines. currently subscribed to vanity fair and got a subscription to vogue for my birthday! life is good! now i must find room to store them all. oy. (ooh another idea i've come up with for future inspiration... when i come across photos/ads/designs that provide inspiration i'm going to start cataloging them somehow to later reference!)
(also note Elin Kling on the cover of the mag. LOVE her blog - just faboosh!)

Friday, September 16, 2011

with flowers in your hair...

on the top of my "bands i MUST see live" list sits Mumford & Sons. i missed them at Sound Academy last October and was pretty much devastated. i swear i've listened to their entire album over 150 times in the past year. i wasn't about to miss them this time! i bought a pair of tickets during the presale yesterday and looked to see if i could get better seats when the general public tickets went on sale and to my delight got amazing seats! i'm a little disappointed i won't be seeing them in a smaller venue but i have no doubt i'll have more opportunities to see them! to say i'm excited is an understatement, the countdown to october 25 is ON!
check them out on their myspace page here!

ready for the weekend

so we have a great weekend planned! tonight we're headed out for a friends birthday downtown. then tomorrow i'm going to attempt to make some chocolate cupcakes with salted buttercream icing. i found the icing recipe and i've just been dying to try it and i know a couple of people who are willing to sacrifice themselves to be taste testers, works perfectly! saturday night we're off to see a movie at TIFF, (thanks to LC) - i'm really looking forward to experiencing part of the festival! maybe we'll even see a celebrity! then sunday off to the Jays v. Yankee game. the perfect summer send off! yippe for fun!


slightly and/or completely...OBSESSED! i joined the website Pinterest about two months ago and have fallen in love. it allow you to create differently titled "boards" and then you "pin" pictures to them. basically, it allows you to digitally curate a collection of images. some of my boards include beauty, fashion, interior design, food, travel. looking at all the beautiful pictures is something i find very satisfying and enjoyable. check out my boards here!

work attire

so the office i work in has a pretty laid back summer dress code but requires a bit more of a professional look during the winter. a lot of the work clothes i own leave me feeling frumpy and blah. last year i discovered the womens dress pants at the Gap. i swear they're almost always on promo for $40 which is an unbeatable price for the quality. they come in long lengths (which is crucial for me) and all the basic colors. i bought a pair of these camel wide legs last night and am in LOVE with them!(kind of pathetic, i know)... bottom line- if you have any need for dress pants check out the Gap!

Thursday, September 15, 2011

blue jeans

ok. i'm on the hunt. i need new jeans, desperately. with the cold weather fast approaching they're becoming a necessity. i've lost some weight recently and i just want a go-to pair of jeans that look and feel great on!(another must- they can't stretch out too much!) i love the color of this denim and the slight flare. i'm a little overwhelmed with the thought of finding a new pair but it's definitely a task i must tackle soon(with a friend in tow for an opinion)!


So I've decided I need to sign up for this. Two graduates from Waterloo University - men, no less - started the company Loose Button and they've designed the Luxe Box for us ladies! You sign up ($12 a month) and you get this pretty box mailed to your door every month. The box will contain 3-5 large sample sizes of beauty products! The brands sound awsome too!- Dermalogica, Essie, Benefit, Nars, Bobbie Brown! It pretty much sounds like a little bit of heaven being delivered to your door every thirty days... I can't wait to get my first one, yippee! Check out the details here!