Monday, May 29, 2017

whole 30 : day 1

Pre-wedding included a whole lot of working out, watching what I ate and prioritizing my health. Post-wedding has been the happiest three months of my life, but I took a month off workouts and have been eating and drinking whatever I want. Three months later, it's caught up to me. It's resulted in weight gain and not feeling too great about myself. 

When friends recently told us about Whole 30, an eating program they had been following, we agreed it was something both D and I needed to do for ourselves. We purchased the guide book, the cookbook and prepared ourselves over the weekend to get started this morning. One of our faults, in our normal daily lives, is laziness and not preparing ourselves to succeed in eating healthy - so we're making it a priority for the next 30 days. 

The breakdown: The Whole 30 Program
Length: 30 days

(but the goal is to break bad habits and form a new relationship with food, which would obviously continue past 30 days)

Restrictions: No Dairy (cheese, milk, yogurt), No Gluten or Grains (bread, oats, quinoa, rice), No Sugar (no processed but no natural sugars either, like honey, maple syrup), No Legumes (beans, soy), No Alcohol 

(the idea is to remove foods that are best known for causing inflammation and problems, removing them, letting your body heal - them systematically reintroducing them (after the 30 days))

What we'll be eating & drinking: Fruits, Vegetables (except corn and peas), Meat, Eggs, Nuts, Coffee, Sparkling Water

I weighed myself this morning and took note of how I was feeling (any aches and pains) and have started a note in my phone. I expect to miss sugar the most and have a hard time saying no to patio beers - but am determined to stick to the program for 30 days, no cheating! 


Thursday, May 25, 2017

the 'it' summer bag

If you follow any fashion bloggers, you'll know the above bag (more commonly in natural of white) is the bag of the summer. I like the look, but I tend to stray away from styles that are so popular. 

Here are a few other options, still on trend but with a uniqueness that is sure to get noticed. Best part, they're all under $70 from Zara.

Oh, and while we're on the topic of summer bags - this is the bag on the top of my wishlist...
(if only I had a birthday at the beginning of summer)

Friday, May 12, 2017

birthday baskets

We celebrated a good friends birthday recently with lazer tag and a pizza party. It was totally reminiscent of younger days, (admission: I had actually never played lazer tag), and while we might have been the oldest kids at lazer quest, we totally had a blast.

D and I went in on a gift with another friend and we came up with the idea of putting together a basket of treats, given the birthday boy is a total 'foodie'. The finished product was filled with a mix of savory, sweet and spicy goods - from different Toronto hot spots and a Roncy specialty grocer.

Here's what went in the basket:
- a Bellwoods Brewery beer ($6)
- Terroni pepperocini ($9)
- Cumbrae's original spice rub ($6)
- fancy sea salt ($6)
- handmade caramels ($1.50)
- whiskey barbeque sauce ($8)
- root beer syrup (that you mix with tonic) ($11)
- bacon chocolate bar ($5)
- a Toronto key chain holder ($12)
- bakset ($7)
Total Cost (with tax): $80

I wrapped it all up with cellophane and a big bow and it turned out so well, it might be my new go-to gift for upcoming summer events.

You could totally mix-up what you include, depending on the occasion... 
House Warming: organic cleaning products, candle, ceramic key dish
Summer BBQ: grilling utensils, paper napkins, fancy ketchup or mustard

Tip:: Dollarama and Home Sense are great spots to stock up on wrapping essentials to keep on hand -  I always have a few rolls of cellophane and different ribbons. I also recycling wrapping stuff where possible - the paper filling actually came with a wedding gift and I just put it in a ziploc, saving it for later! Another idea, when you see cute, affordable items - pick them up! I love having little memento's on hand for last minute gift giving.

Monday, May 8, 2017

hand loomed rug

Simple concept, elevated execution. The texture of this wool rug is so luxurious, I could only imagine stepping out of bed on a cold winter morning.