Monday, February 29, 2016

a local

Something funny happened this weekend that left me with such a satisfied confirmation that I am now officially a  Roncy 'local'.

Saturday morning D and I had massages booked. Our masseuse works out of her home, so I drive over first, then return home for D to make his appointment. I had arrived home, kissed him goodbye and decided to go for a walk to grab a coffee at our favorite shop Extra Butter. It's one of my favorite weekend rituals, walking down, usually hand-in-hand with D to get a coffee and croissant.

Cassie, the owner, greeted me in her normal friendly way and I ordered a cappuccino, berry croissant and a pound of the house medium blend for weekday morning coffees. I waited patiently as my cappuccino was prepared and my coffee ground. As the barista passed my coffee across the counter, I picked it up, croissant in my other hand, and headed home to relax and shower.

I had a passing thought as I went to hop in the shower about how I didn't remember carrying the coffee home but didn't think much more of it. Low and behold, Cassie emailed me later that night, asking if it was at possible I left my coffee on the counter. Of course, it was mine! I apologized explaining that my brain is fueled solely by caffeine.

The fact that she took note of our interaction, enough to remember that the pound of ground coffee left behind was mine, was such a great feeling. (We've used Extra Butter for some catering needs in the past year, which explains the coffee shop having my email address.) When we moved into Roncesvalles we knew nothing of the neighborhood. We've enjoyed settling in and it really is a wonderful area to call home. We have our favorite coffee shop, boutique where we pick up gifts and our favorite bar to unwind with a pint. It truly feels like we're officially Roncy locals.

Thursday, February 25, 2016

happy weekend

{ purple wildflowers keeping our bedroom fresh }

I've kicked the weekend off early with a day of skiing in Collingwood - doesn't get much better! Thankfully I have a massage booked for Saturday morning to help ease the pain of a day in ski boots. I have zero other plans and can't wait to sleep in and take it easy. Whatever you have planned, I hope you enjoy your weekend. xx
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Here are a few links from around the web...

A pale pink bag that would be lovely for everyday wear

I'm dying to catch up on this show

A beautiful DIY project I'd love to try

White leather sneakers perfect for spring and summer

Adorable cacti that I wouldn't be able to kill ;)

Spring fashion trends from a bonafide New Yorker

{ my little sister celebrated her 26th this week! }

{ pappardelle with chicken bolognese }

just because

You can never go wrong with a classic black shoe, 
especially when it ties up your leg...

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

colorful accessories

Not surprisingly, Zara's spring accessory game is on point. These purses would all make beautiful colourful jewels to pair with neutral whites and greys. I really love the small discrete size too, just enough for the essentials. 

Monday, February 22, 2016

happy monday

{ cross country skiing (even with the lack of snow) }

We spent this past weekend at a family friends cottage on Lake Eugenia in the Grey Highlands (close-ish to Collingwood). It was a great group of close friends and we played games, spent time outside and enjoyed wonderful meals. There was also an adorable baby girl and the two cutest dogs who knew the best tricks, which just sweetened the pot. The cottage had an amazing steam room, sauna and hot tub which totally helped with unwinding and relaxing. Here are a few photos if you care to take a look...

{ baby Lauren :) }

{ a simple and impressive dessert }

{ Skeena & Kona - doing the 'best friend' trick }

Wednesday, February 17, 2016


I've loved this ring ever since spotting it on Instagram. It's classic and modern and I would love wearing it every single day. With the hefty price tag, it's a piece I will continue to lust over, but hey a girl can dream, right? 

Monday, February 15, 2016

a short week

{ a lush green corner at Reunion Island Coffee on Roncy }

Happy Monday! Hope you all enjoyed your long weekend. D and I spent part of the weekend in Orangeville with a group of friends. We braved the freezing -30 weather on Saturday and went skiing and then cozied up with dinner and drinks after wards. 

On Sunday night D took me for a fancy Valentine's dinner at Buca Yorkville. We enjoyed a 14 course, seafood heavy that was delicious and creative and decadent. It was such a treat!

We spent the Family Day holiday sleeping in, binge eating pancakes and enjoying a dinner out with my parents. It was a lovely end to a wonderful weekend.

{ a cocktail glass that makes any drink more enjoyable }

{ valentine's treats for friends }

{ coffee ice cream with orange and almond biscotti }

{ personalizing my office with a new framed print }

{ our seafood salumi board from Buca Yorkville }

{ my forever valentine <3 }

top dog

My sister recently moved to Australia for a year with her boyfriend and dog Bentley. I couldn't help but laugh when she informed me that she was trying to make Bentley 'Insta-famous'. It seemed like a funny goal to work towards but there sure are lots of dog-crazy Instagrammers. Low and behold, a few weeks later her dog has surpassed the number of Instagram followers we have combined.

When D emailed me this article to me this week I couldn't believe the timing. The competitor in me just wants to go after that top spot!

Here are a few photos of my sisters adorable pup Bentley. Incase you want to follow him on Instagram, his handle is 'bentleythehuskyxcollie".

Tuesday, February 9, 2016

all in one piece

I might have mentioned it here on the blog, but mid April I'm headed to Vegas for a friends bachelorette party!! I'm leaving the planning to the other bridesmaids, some of who are Vegas-veterans and have been told to prepare for epic pool parties during the day. I would not in any way classify my wardrobe as Vegas-ready so I'm hoping to pick up a few pieces for the trip. In terms of a bathing suite, I'm looking for something that is worthy of a Vegas pool party (whatever that means) but also something that I feel comfortable and confident in (a seemingly impossible task when bathing suit shopping..). Last but not least, I want something that I can get a lot of wear out of lake side during the later summer months.

Here are a few different styles I've found that I'd love to try on! I could see accessorizing with a cool necklace and cover up too!

Any tips for a first-timer in Vegas?!

Monday, February 8, 2016

house crush

It's no surprise that Jacey of Damsel in Dior has newly designed digs that makes any home owner envious. I love how the clean modern lines are balanced with a  warm coziness. I'd move in with a moments notice! See more before and after photos here

{ photos via Domaine }

Friday, February 5, 2016

calligraphy starter kit

This calligraphy starter kit just shot to the top of my must-have wishlist. I will often reference Instagram posts when attempting calligraphy but I would love to learn the art in order to create fluent clean text. It would be such a fun hobby to learn and work at, maybe I can convince a friend to do it with me! Laura Hooper hosts calligraphy workshops too, sign up for her Toronto workshop on April 2nd here!


{ a gift for the sweet new baby }

It was a busy week between intramurals, dinner with friends and a work meeting and I am happy to welcome the weekend, even if it's a busy one. Tonight we're hosting friends to celebrate a birthday - we're cooking a roast and having chocolate cake for dessert! Then tomorrow is jam packed with a baby meet & greet and a birthday party for one of our closest friends. It will be nice to catch up with friends and celebrate a birth and birthdays. Whatever you have planned, enjoy your weekend. xx

{ my favorite doughnut from our favorite coffee shop }

{ valentines decorations at bulk barn }
(stocking up for this fun DIY)

{ downtown U of T architecture }

{ I can never resist the swings on lakeshore boulevard }