Wednesday, February 1, 2017

our first local spot

{ buck-a-shuck oysters with house mase sauces }

We are lucky to live in a neighborhood with amazing access to some delicious restaurants. Hands-down our favorite go-to has been Hopgood's Foodliner. We live 100 steps from their front door and it has proven such a lovely spot for special dinners, an impressive place to take out-of-towners or a faithful fallback for last minute date nights. They have, in my opinion, the friendliest staff in the city and the tastiest food. 
We received word recently that they're closing their doors for the head chef to move onto other personal endeavors and made sure to book a few last reservations. It was one of the first places where the staff recognized us and we felt like locals, welcoming us with a friendly "Hey you two".... 

We will really miss this place!

{ steak tartar }

{ garlic shrimp with brioche }

{ halifax donairs }


I was lucky enough to sneak away to Miami last weekend with my sister (maid of honor) and best friend (bridesmaid) for a mini bachelorette trip. We stayed at the Freehand Hostel which had a quirky and eclectic vibe. We had our own private apartment and were only a block from the beach!

The weekend was a perfect combination of all of my favorite things. We did two exercise classes, had beers on the beach, rented a poolside daybed at a fancy hotel for a day, enjoyed some wonderful meals and did some shopping! 

It was a welcome distraction from wedding brain and I managed to leave without suffering a single hangover ;)
Here are a few photos if you care to see....