Wednesday, May 28, 2014

burger week 2014

We stumbled upon the glory that is Burger Week at our local favorite Rudeboy tonight, and BOY AM I GLAD WE DID. Little did we know but it's an event that's going on around Toronto with over 60 restaurants offering burger lovers $5 creations!
Tonight both D and I enjoyed the Rudeboy's special creation which was a grass fed patty with mustard bbq sauce, southern slaw and pimento cheese. It was so saucy and flavorful, an amazing burger for only $5! We both had a pint (secret local spot for super cheap beer) and made it out for $20.

So incase you haven't picked up on it yet, here's what to do next:
1. Read the list of restaurants participating and their Burger Week recipes
2. Go eat as many burgers as you can before Saturday
3. Go check out the slider varieties of all the burger week creations at Fort York on Sunday!

** Bonus: Here's a guide to the 'deals' of Burger Week & If you're a Paypal user, here's a link for free burgers **

new favorite t-shirt

The Wilfred Free Divina T-Shirt is super soft & cozy, has a flattering boyfriend fit, can be dressed up or worn casual, reasonably priced and I officially want it in every. single. color.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

a refreshing cocktail

With the warm weather we had this past weekend, D and I got to break in our new patio set. Sunshine, patio... the situation begged for a good cocktail - enter gin & tonic. D bought some tonic from the local specialty food shop and I opted for something a little bit sweeter with carbonated elderflower soda. We added fresh citrus and lots of ice and managed to soak up some wonderful sun in the backyard! Definitely going to be a summertime cocktail go-to.

Monday, May 26, 2014

city parks

Can you believe we've already started the last week of May? Sunday is June - it feels like the official start of summer. After that winter of ours, I can't wait for months of sunshine and blue skies. One of our favorite weekend activities from last summer was packing up blankets and biking over to a park to lie in the sun. Here are a couple of my favorites:

Trinity Bellwoods (hipster, cool kid hot spot)

High Park (local fave, big enough that it doesn't feel too crowded)

Marilyn Bell Park (beautiful lakefront views)

Coronation Park (fun to throw a ball around and get a tan)

I'm hoping to check out the beaches this summer and better explore the east end!
Where's your favorite summertime place to soak up the sun!?

Friday, May 23, 2014

my favorite person

Today marks nine years for D and I! We started dating in grade 11, made it through long distance in university, and now live together in Toronto. I couldn't imagine my days without him and I so look forward to our life together. We're hoping to save up for a trip in the fall but are headed out (here) for some eats and cocktails.

To my best friend, roommate & life partner - I love you!

As for the rest of the weekend, we plan on just taking it easy. Busy weekends with friends are always fun but I have to say, I love nothing more than quiet weekends at home. What are you up to this weekend? Whatever your plans - have fun. Cheers.xx

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

the past week

Wonderful friends, delicious meals and great memories. 

{ eldeflower collins @ joey }

{ patio brunch @ la societe with my best friend visiting from halifax}

{ the cacti i haven't managed to kill (yay!) }

{ meeting adorable baby easton }

{ snuggles with friday }

{ dim sum dinner @ luckee }

{ ice cream @ eds real scoop - new local favorite }

{ pre-cottage fuel @ rudeboy }

{ catching up with good friends @ victory cafe }

{ sparkly lights outback honest eds }


The May 2-4 weekend always feels like the kick off to summer and getting to spend it up north was a pretty darn good start. We spent two nights in Muskoka relaxing with friends, laughing over beers and trying to stay warm by the fire. Growing up, I would spend time at a family friends cottage on Lake Joe, and it was fun getting to share with D what "up north" meant for me. The summer heat hadn't quite set in yet, but the cooler temperatures meant no bugs - which is a trade-off I could handle!

{ the cottage I grew up visiting - it felt a little bittersweet to know someone else gets to spend the summer there }

{ Friday! }

{ cottage rules - to help you through summer 2014 :) }

Friday, May 16, 2014


We're headed up to Muskoka tonight and I can't wait to wake up for a cup of coffee on the dock tomorrow morning. There's something so special getting up north for the first time each season. 

Then we'll be heading back to Toronto early for a surprise visit from my best friend from Halifax! After a tough week at the office this weekend shaped up to be just what I needed. 

Hope you all enjoy whatever fun the long weekend has in store. XX

(PS. My camera is back from the repair shop so hope to have some good posts up next week!)

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

wanderlust wednesday

D and I have decided to skip the hull-a-baloo for our anniversary later this month and both of our 26th birthdays later in the summer, and save our pennies to escape the city sometime in the fall!
We have yet to decide where we're headed and are still exploring different ideas. A place that peaks my interest and a spot I've been hearing great things of is Tulum, Mexico. Apparently the beaches are so very beautiful and I can't help but get a tiny bit excited imagining parking my butt in a beach chair for a week. Take a look at this lust worthy vacation that has be dreaming of Tulum... HERE.

I'm curious, do you have any fun summer travel plans booked?! 

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

a house plant

With the spring weather finally upon us I feel my green thumb starting to itch. We've been working hard at growing grass outside but I'm thinking we need some sort of green indoors. I love the modern styling of succulents thats become recently popular but I also love the aesthetic of a indoor plant. Before we make any sort of commitment I am thinking a trip to a plant nursery might be a good idea to get some advice. 

I've been looking at so many beautiful ideas, here are some of my inspirations... 

Monday, May 12, 2014

music monday

During my day, the commute to and from work, is time spent alone, and I have to say there aren't many moments when I'm not listening to music. I long ago realized how much I love music - the beat, lyrics, rhythm - I would be happy to have music playing all day long. During my trip to and from the office, I so love watching the world pass by, there's so much to look at and I love the soundtrack that plays in my head as I imagine what all the people must be up to.
These are a couple of the songs that have been playing in my head during those daily trips...

PS. I feel I should share my little tip for finding great new music... Browse Itunes! Seems simple enough but I will literally sit on the streetcar scrolling through the featured artists and music charts clicking and listening to different sample song clips. There's even often a weekly song download! It's a great way to listen to new artists, especially since I don't really get the chance to listen to the radio anymore.

Thursday, May 8, 2014

9 tips for being a happier you

In the rush and stress of the day to day, I sometimes loose focus on what's most important. My life is filled with wonderful people and opportunities and I have every reason to enjoy a happy, positive life. Sometimes it takes a reminder to step back refocus yourself and these 9 steps did just that. There's no denying that happy is just such a great way to be, to spend my days being happy is all I can strive for. Life is too short to spend it being any other way!

Hope these tips inspire happiness in your life...  How To Be Happier Now in 9 Simple Steps

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

just because

a simple cleanse

I'd be lying if I didn't admit the name of this cleanse totally sucked me in. When you're cleansing your body of toxins it makes sense to me that you'd be trying to fuel and re-fill your body with simple ingredients. I've done a pre-packaged cleanse before and while I did find it challenging, I appreciated the results. I'd like to give this 'Simple Cleanse' a try and see if I can last the suggested ten days. I'm way too big of a foodie to give up any food permanently, but cleansing the system every once in a while doesn't seem like such a bad idea.

Have you ever tried a cleanse? I'd love to hear which one you chose.

Tuesday, May 6, 2014

met gala

Here are some of my favorite Instagrams from last nights Met Gala!