Friday, November 28, 2014

happy weekend

{ close to having all my cards ready to mail }

What do you have planned for the weekend? One of my best friends is a bridesmaid in a Halifax wedding this summer, so we're going to try on dresses tomorrow! And with December 1st upon us next week, D has finally agreed that it's time to put up Christmas decorations(!!!!!!!!!!!!!) So other than dress shopping and brunch with a girlfriend, you'll find me in my happy place, at home, decking our halls, drinking spiked egg nog, and making our home as festive as can be! Hope you enjoy your weekend! xx

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Some fun links from the web...

A very cool house tour (I would love a steam room at home!)

For all you beer lovers, here's a list of the top 50 beers made in Toronto

How to fold super pretty napkins for your holiday dinner parties

A very cool gift guide packed full of great ideas

Now this is a sneaker collaboration I can get behind

A holiday must make, a rich, indulgent brunch dish 

A new piece of art I picked up last week to add to our holiday collection

Thursday, November 27, 2014

house crush

I love all the bold, graphic artwork and the quirky details that really gives this house a fun, whimsical feel.

Take a look at the rest of the house here

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

wanderlust wednesday: france

I'm constantly dreaming about when I will get to return to France. I've been lucky enough to visit Paris a handful of times and have visited the south of France on two separate occassions. I don't think a dozen more trips would satisfy my love and desire to continue exploring... In hopes that a journey back won't be as far off as I think, I'm bookmarking these suggestions from Vogue!

for the reader

I spend a lot of time researching what books I'm going to read next and love when I find a story I really get into and enjoy. I will take note of suggestions on blogs, walk around Chapters looking at cover artwork and read endless reviews on Amazon. Here are some of my suggestions for all those friends on your shopping list who like to snuggle up with a good book...

For a friend wanting an emotional read, and a story with great depth 

For a friend who loves fashion and is all about girl power 

For a restaurant-going, food-loving home cook 
(I can't wait to make every single recipe!)

For your friend who loves a suspenseful read with a twist ending 
(read the book before you see the movie!)

A memoir of a young Canadian journalist who gets kidnapped 
(I couldn't put this one down)

 For any friend who lived through the 90's and can appreciate sarcastic humor

For your friend who loves a light-hearted love story

Monday, November 24, 2014

for the photographer

Over the next few weeks, I'll be posting my gift guide and sharing my ideas and suggestions for all those left on your Christmas list to shop for. The holidays are a time to enjoy with family and friends, and it's a fun opportunity to make those you love feel extra special with a thoughtful gift. I hope you feel inspired and take away some great ideas! Happy Christmas shopping... xx

First up: for the artistic, photographer: 
Our home is filled with our own photographs, it's actually come to a point where we barely have any counter or wall space left for additional pieces! I love enjoying the daily reminders of our travels, trips with friends and special occasions. The memories are even more enjoyed when beautifully displayed! These two frames are different but both stylish and cool. Either would make gorgeous gifts for really any one on your list. 

This geometric, gold frame is funky and modern and will fit perfectly onto any shelf sitting vertically or horizontally.  (there's also a larger version here)

The unexpected color combination and the mineral design creeping in from the corners of this frame makes this choice a piece of art in itself. A lovely statement piece for any stylish friend.

Friday, November 21, 2014

have a great weekend

{ pink tulips keeping the kitchen bright & cheery }

What do you have planned for the weekend? D and I planned a date at This End Up tonight, I can't wait to try the Better Mac and enjoy a cocktail. We're getting up early for a spin class tomorrow, then unwinding with mid-day massages and later, I'm heading out for a girls night! I'm looking forward to having fun with friends and finding time to relax, and maybe even start on a writing a few Christmas cards. Have a great weekend! xx

PS. Stop by next week, I'm going to start my gift guide and hope toget you inspired for those special people on your Christmas list...

Here a few fun links from around the web :

A song to start off your weekend

A very cool, very small house

Help for navigating the winterized patios in Toronto

I can see this recipe becoming a regular go-to on cold nights

Unique wall decor ideas, I love the last one most

I remember my mom opening boxes of these as we shopped before checking out at the grocery store, I imagine homemade would be ten times tastier

How amazing do cranberry cream cheese muffins sound?!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

holiday cards

I'm completely obsessed and excited about the holiday season and sending out holiday cards always feels like such a festive and thoughtful way to touch base with all of our friends and loved ones. While writing 45 cards, each with an individual message does take some time, the biggest challenge is figuring out what our holiday card should look like! This year I was too overwhelmed with the choices and decided on four different designs, each one unique and beautiful. Here are our four Christmas cards for the 2014 holiday season!

PS. Take a look at these amazing holiday card round ups, there are so many beautiful designs!!!... 1 + 2 + 3

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

two of my favorite annual holiday happenings

The Christmas holidays are a time filled with traditions and special events spent with friends and family. Since moving to Toronto and spending last Christmas in the city we started some fun traditions of our own. We decorated our apartment with festive decor and trimmed the tree while enjoying spiked hot cocoa and we also took advantage of some of the fun events held in the city:
1. Walking around the One of A Kind Christmas Show is a great way to find unique gifts for the creative types on your shopping list and there are so many beautiful items to look at as you explore all the artisans booths.
2. The Toronto Christmas Market fills you with a festive holiday spirit immediately upon arrival. It feels like you're in a European village and it's so much fun walking around on a snowy night, enjoying a cup of mulled cider and looking around at the booths and shops.

I would strongly suggest penciling both these events into your holiday calendar because neither outing should be missed!


I'd love to know, do you have any fun Christmas traditions or favorite events in Toronto? Did anyone attend the Santa Claud Parade this past weekend?

wanderlust wednesday

D and I are in the process of deciding on a destination for a winter getaway. I'm hoping to book a vacation in the coming weeks and then have something to look forward to through the freezing cold winter months. These ten getaway destinations have me wishing the warmth would come sooner...

Do you have any winter vacations planned? Do you embrace the cold and snow or dream about escaping to the beach?

Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Monday, November 17, 2014

weekend in ottawa

We visited friends in Ottawa this weekend and I was pleasantly surprised at how beautiful the city was. I couldn't remember the last time I visited and had no idea what to expect. Our hotel had the most comfortable bed I've ever slept in, we had some delicious meals and really just enjoyed getting away from the city and catching up with great friends. 

{ we toured Parliament and payed tribute to the fallen soldiers }

{ we enjoyed an amazing dinner at Union }


{ and we went for a drink afterwards at their speakeasy tucked behind the hidden door }

{ we went hiking in the Gatineau on Saturday & there was snow (!!!) }

{ our new wooden wall vase from the ottawa craft show }

{ we went for drinks at the Fairmont Laurier }

{ Sunday's pig-out brunch }

{ snacks from Quebec Costco for the roadtrip home :) }

impromptu date night

D and I went for an impromptu date night tonight to Hopgoods Foodliner. It's a seafood restaurant just down the road from our place that has the best service in town, not to mention amazing food. It's truly a hidden gem in the city - the staff is made up of east coasters who make you feel so welcome, it feels like you've come home for a family dinner. We've been wanting to go over for their Monday night special: buck-a-shuck oysters, and we finally made our way over to enjoy tonight. I've mentioned $1 oyster deals on the blog before but this feels like an extra sweet deal with the friendly service and relaxing atmosphere. Taking a look at the menu we also learned that they also host a donair + beer deal on Wednesdays. Donairs are the east coast version of a gyros with a secret, sweet sauce - difficult to describe, but even more difficult to find outside of Halifax - definitely worth the trip to Roncesvalles! I can't speak highly enough of this place, call em up and plan your next dinner out! 

Thursday, November 13, 2014

happy weekend

We're on the road to Ottawa this morning for the weekend, combining a bit of business with mostly pleasure. We have friends who've lived in Ottawa for a while and they're moving back in December, so we're squeezing in a last minute trip before they move back to Toronto! I'm so looking forward to an impromptu long weekend and spending some time catching up with friends.

Hope you have some fun planned, happy weekend! xx

{ candle lit dinner last weekend }

{ the best coconut cream pie from Mabel's }

{ romantic mini roses }

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How crazy small is this Parisian apartment?!

According to a Lululemon 'sweaty' beauty test, Lush has the best dry shampoo

I just bought a pair of these cute and affordable workout leggings

I think I was meant to be French in another life, I'm dying to read this book

Tree ornaments are one of my go-to holiday gifts for friends

One-pot meal ideas for chilly winter nights

I'm bookmarking this DIY for when we move

I told myself I was going to go this winter without a new coat, but all of these options have me seriously tempted