Tuesday, August 21, 2012

summer home


for those of you curious about where i've spent my summer...  my days have been filled with foggy mornings, sunny afternoon paddles and beautifully vibrant sunsets. pretty great eh?

part 2: friendship bracelets: circa 2012

i recently posted about doloris petunia, but these friendship bracelets are another fun version of the traditional camp gimp friendship bracelet! when you order you get a choice of custom designs for the woven portion of the bracelet. and they are lined with leather for added durability! a bit of a higher price tag at $125 but a one-of-a-kind, statement piece that would snazz up any outfit and remind you of a special best friend :)
doloris petunia is working on getting their website up and running, but check out their shop on etsy until then! shop HERE.


 { skirt }
 { coat }
{ blazer }

i just loooove these pieces (+ many more...) from ZARA's fall line...classic with a bit of an edge. i'm on the lookout for a longer, dark coat for the winter to replace a hand-me-down and the sleek cut and color along with the appliques on the sleeves of that jacket are to die for. it's all in the details.
oh and the video that plays on the website under "woman" right now is pretty rad too. props to whatever clever fellow designs their website.
take a looksie at the goods HERE.

Saturday, August 4, 2012

a home to call our own

Come mid-October, once our worldly galavanting has slowed down, Drew and I are planning to move to Toronto together! We've been living at my parents house together for a year but making the move to our own apartment feels so grown up!
I'm finding the task of knowing where to begin on a house hunt a little bit daunting... Toronto is such a big city with great neighborhoods and I just want to find something we will fall in love with.
We're hoping to find something with a kitchen we will enjoy cooking and baking in, lots of storage, and close proximity to transit and a green space (for a little puppy addition sometime in the future :)
I've thought of getting in touch with a real estate agent to help find properties and I would love any tips or leads!
In the meantime, I've been getting inspiration on Pinterest for decorating ideas! We'll be on a tight budget but I'm hoping to finally get around to some DIY projects before starting a new job!
It's such an exciting step in life and our relationship and I can't wait to share it with you all!

the friendship bracelet : circa 2012

I'll always love the colorful appeal of a handmade friendship bracelet, but at 23, I'm in love with the sophisticated look of Kate Spade's friendship bangle. You may remember the bangle my mom got me before Europe... Well, there's a friendship version that's just as cute!!! The phrases that ring round the bracelet are sweet and ring true for love filled friendships!
Was going to order a set for me and the bestie, but Kate Spade apparently charges an arm and a leg to send two little bracelets over the border! With duty, it'll double the cost of the bracelets! brutal... time to do some online hunting.... these bangles are too adorable to forget about!

Friday, August 3, 2012


doloris petunia earring designs

So I'm sure some of you people read the blog Cupcakes and Cashmere, on today's post she linked to the cutest of jewelry designers on Etsy, Doloris Petunia. I'm in love with the sparkle and bright colors of her pieces! If I had my pick, I'd choose these earrings and this bracelet! Absolutely adore her designs! - And her tag line too! - "because one of a kind is the new black"...