Friday, February 27, 2015

hello weekend

{ mid-week treat }

What do you have planned this weekend? It's felt like a long week but it was broken up with a dinner catching up with girlfriends from highschool and an impromptu bbq date with D. We're celebrating my Dad's birthday with Italian tomorrow, and I'm meeting up with my bride-to-be friend to talk all things wedding on Sunday. Other then that, I'm looking forward to late sleep-ins and watching movies. Whatever you're up to, have a good one!

{ tools for at-home workouts and stretching }

{ the ultimate cheese plate from last weekend }

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I could probably eat five of these

Were you happy with the winners?

Have you seen the Zara spring looks

This sparkly clip would be wonderful for a special occasion

I'm curious to see this movie

Must haves for an at home manicure

Tuesday, February 24, 2015

truffle spaghettini with scallops

After waking up feeling a little under the weather, and enduring another day of frigid cold, all I wanted to end the day with was comfort food. We spent the weekend up north at a cabin and brought home some leftover truffled asiago - so cheesy spaghettini just seemed to make sense. We picked up some fresh scallops at our local fish store and wrapped them up with leftover prosciutto, turns out leftovers aren't always so bad! It completely hit the spot, and left me fully satisfied for a night of watching The Bachelor. 

How To Make: Truffle Spaghettini with Prosciutto Wrapped Scallops (2 servings)

Spaghettini (or your choice of pasta)
6 medium scallops
3 pieces of prosciutto (cut in half)
truffled asiago cheese
olive oil
whipping cream
salt & pepper

Cook your pasta al dente.
Melt 2 tbsp butter in a deep pan with chopped garlic on medium heat. Adding in olive oil, lemon juice and cream, stir constantly. 
When pasta is strained, add in grated cheese and chopped chives. 
Toss in pasta and combine.

In a separate frying pan, heat vegetable oil on medium-high heat. 
Pat your scallops dry and salt and pepper both sides. 
Lay out prosciutto and carefully wrap each scallop, securing with a toothpick.
Cook scallops in pan until opaque and white in color. Prosciutto will be browned and crispy.
Serve on top of pasta.


PS. If you ever have questions about my recipe descriptions feel free to leave a comment! I'll do my best to clarify and provide more information.

Monday, February 23, 2015

monday inspiration

It truly makes my heart smile when I read articles like this that make me realize my dreams are a totally real possibility. The idea of a career change is intimidating and scary, but I hope one day I have the guts to pursue my passion of interior design. This article just made me so happy in an inspiring and 'go get 'em tiger' sort of way, that I had to share. 

Cheers to starting off the week with a positive attitude. 

Sunday, February 22, 2015

oscar favorites

I have to admit, I missed the red carpet this year - which I find is the best place to get a real good look at all the dresses. I wasn't overly in love with any one dress but nevertheless, thought everyone looked beautiful. Here are some of my favorites...

{ photos via }

Friday, February 20, 2015

have a great weekend

{ The cutest colorful mini cauliflowers }

What do you have going on this weekend? D is home from a work trip today and then we're heading to a friends cabin to go skiing. Short weeks are always nice after having a long weekend - and it's so exciting knowing our next vacation will be our trip! 

Hope you are managing to stay warm in this crazy cold! Enjoy your weekend! xx

{ Practicing my script handwriting with some snailmail }

{ Bracelets I made and plan on wearing on the beach }

{ Ended Family Day off with amazing surf & turf }
( Proud chef moment: Homemade béarnaise sauce! )

{ D & I after the most amazing dinner on Valentines }

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Beautiful art for your desktop

Ways to battle the Monday blues

Behind the scenes photos from the SNL 40th Anniversary show

I'm thinking this recipe could become a new favorite comfort food

Highlights from New York Fashion Week

A few songs to add to your playlist

Are you going to see this movie?

Adult Dream: to have a kitchen as beautiful as any one of these

Pretty tights that would work as wonderful workout motivation

spring wishlist

The warmer temperatures of spring will one day soon be upon us (I hope...) And although it's sometimes hard to tough through these frigid winter days, this lovely spring coat makes it easier knowing we'll eventually get to retire our parkas. I'd love to wear this beautiful, funky coat on bike date nights.

a sweet gift

I'm sure that some lucky ladies received flowers this past weekend but I'm a big time believer that flowers should be a frequent(ish) year-round gift. That being said, how beautiful are these Landeau rose boxes? The 25 imported roses in the color of your choice are packaged in this simple and classic white box. An extravagant luxury that would be sure to brighten any girls day, maybe even week. Only bad news is that for now only lovely ladies in Vancouver can enjoy this gift!

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

we're going to the beach

We had been talking about it for months, and two weeks ago D and I finally booked a trip to the beach. In a few short weeks were off to the beaches of Negril, Jamaica!!  I cannot wait to escape this endless cold and just RELAX. D and I have dated for close to ten years and never gone on a beach vacation just the two of us, so I'm very much looking forward to it! In anticipation of the trip, I'm on the hunt for a few new beach-worthy pieces... 

Friday, February 13, 2015

have a lovely weekend

{ I can't help but dream of warm summer days during these -20 winter nights }

What do you have planned this weekend? D has booked a special dinner for tomorrow night that I'm really looking forward to. Then on Sunday we're going to head down to Ellicottville for a ski day. Not much else planned and I'm hoping to just hang out with D and enjoy the extra day off.

What ever you have planned, enjoy your weekend! 
Happy Valentines Day & Happy Family Day! xx

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A heartwarming story about an amazing man.

Talk about a fun lunchtime break, serious childhood flashback!

This made me laugh.

I've been having trouble waking up on these cold winter mornings, tricks that will help.

Ashley, you go girl.

I've been working on my blow-out skills and am wanting to invest in a new dryer, these pro tips will help with my selection.

PS :: D, thank you for being my forever Valentine. I love you!

Thursday, February 12, 2015

top 10 favorite dishes in toronto restaurants

It's no big secret that I'm a big restaurant enthusiast. Living in a city like Toronto, with so many amazing options available, it's be hard not to become some type of 'foodie'. It's so fun getting to explore and adventure through the city, and my favorite way of doing so is definitely via restaurants. Whether it's a night out at a new spot or a good meal at an old favorite - for me, it doesn't get much better then a meal at a restaurant with friends or family. It doesn't have to be fancy (although I won't turn down the occasional ritzy dinner), for regular nights out I just look for great food, an enjoyable atmosphere and a welcoming crowd.

Given that there are so many restaurant options, I figured I would round up some of my favorite crave-worthy dishes!
(By no means is this a complete list, but hopefully will provide some ideas and get your mouth watering...)

1. Singaporean-Style Slaw @ Lee (The 19 ingredients are piled high and tossed table side)
Tip: The slaw is now served at the sister restaurant Bent too!

2. Mafalde ai Funghi @ Gusto 101 (Rich and delicious mushroom, truffle pasta)
Tip: The house wine is tasty and is served $1 per ounce!

3. Salade de Betterave au Chevre @ Le Select Bistro (Not your average beet and goats cheese salad)
Tip: Ask for the cornichon - if you like pickles, you'll be pleasantly surprised; And I don't care if you're on a diet, you must eat the fresh french crusty roll

4. Arancini @ Enoteca Sociale (Fried rice balls stuffed with sausage and cheese - a perfect indulgence for the winter cold)
Tip: They have 50% off their wine lists on Mondays in the summer and a gorgeous patio

5. Halifax Donairs @ Hopgood's Foodliner (East Coast street food at a restaurant with literally the friendliest staff around)
Tip: Wednesdays you can get two donairs with a Keiths for $15!

6. Spicy Tuna Makimono @ Blowfish (The best spicy tuna roll. Period)
Tip: Also try the Coconut Bay roll + crispy crab, shrimp and scallop springroll 

7. John's Burger @ Marben (A seriously tasty burger)
Tip: Go for drinks on a Friday or Saturday night - great, comfortable atmosphere

8. Chaufa @ Valdez (Duck Confit fried rice)
Tip: Do yourself a favor and order the Pastels (you can thank me later)

9. Rueben @ 416 Snack Bar - One of my most favorite restaurants
Tip: Go with someone who loves to share & go hungry (and thirsty) - and try the tuna handroll!

Tip: The short ribs are to die for; They also take part in Winterlicious/Summerlicious - a great way to experience the restaurant at a more affordable price!

The best part about everything listed above, is the one dish I've mentioned isn't the only tasty thing on the menu! I hope you're left feeling inspired to go try something new (or go feast on an old favorite)!

Some honorable mentions....
Artichokes @ Nuit Social (Be sure to order a meat and cheese plate too!)
Fries @ Barque (I crave these all the time)
Perogies @ The Saint Tavern (Decadent and delicious)

What is your favorite crave-worthy restaurant dish? I'd love suggestions on spots that I must try next!

( PS. Working on a brunch version of my favorites. To follow soon so stay tuned... )

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

valentine's day

Well, February 14th is just around the corner, which means this weekend is Valentines Day. I'm a big sucker for any opportunity that celebrates love and gives me the opportunity to remind those close to me how special they are. In case you're looking for a little something for someone or shopping for a little treat for yourself, here are some fun v-day inspired ideas:

An adorable, creative DIY project

The cutest valentines cards to send to loves ones

Sweet little earrings, a beautiful, thoughtful gift

In case you'll be buying flowers, keep this tip in mind.

Regardless of your plans, use these tips for perfect red lips.

Cute shoes for your date on Saturday.

If all else fails, you can always just go with chocolate.

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

just because

I'm all about a stylish runner and these Native Shoes look so lightweight and comfortable, while still having a desirable aesthetic. Best part, they're a great deal at $85 (compared to Nike Free Runs which are $140). 

I also love these two styles and colors... They'd be perfect for cottage weekends and outdoor music festivals, don't you think?

{ Jericho }

hello again

Hello again! It's been a little too long since I last posted.. I had some computer issues last week but have managed to sort them all out. 

How was your weekend? I helped celebrate one of my best friends birthdays with homemade cupcakes and then we went out dancing. Oh and picked up some awesome highwaisted black jeans at Aritzia's sale (yes, an actual sale).  Hope your week is off to a good start. xx

Friday, February 6, 2015


How cool are these light-up signs!? They come in two sizes and would be such a funky and creative way to brighten up a room. 

Here are some of my favorites... 
{ kitchen truth. }

{ perfect for a guest room }

{ for above the bed }

You can customize your own signs too... Check out bxxlights