Wednesday, December 27, 2017


We enjoyed a wonderful ten days in Maui at the end of November. D and I soaked up the sun, had some great meals and had so much fun exploring the island. Here are some photos (iPhone + camera) from our recent trip to if you care to see...

Thursday, November 16, 2017

whole 30, round 2, completed!

{ 100% T R U T H }

Day 31: The day after completing 30 days of Whole30 is always filled with mixed emotions. I'm proud that I stuck to it, I feel better in my body, my clothes are looser and my body is cleansed from all the toxic foods I regularly fed it. Whole 30 is over - if I wanted to eat that mini chooclate bar that I've been hiding in my desk since Halloween I finally could, but it's almost nerve racking to start back into those bad habits and the potential rabbit hole of undoing everything we've worked at over the past thirty days! (Having a beach vacation starting in less then a week is also pretty darn good motiviation to extend this healthy eating thing and hang on for a few more days!)

If you're thinking about doing Whole30, here are some tips and tricks I've learned after doing it twice ::

 Prep, Prep, Prep
-This is the key to success. Doing a big grocery haul each week so your fridge, fruit bowls and pantry are stocked full of healthy options.
-On Sunday nights we would cut up a melon for breakfast, cut up veggie sticks for a day time snack and boil a dozen eggs for lunches. This way there are easy foods to each for in your fridge.
-The first round we actually bought some new tupperware too, so that we could cut, store and stack all the fruit and veg in the fridge!

Eating at Home & Doing the Dishes
- You will likely eat 3 homemade meals a day, and there will be a sink full of dishes each night
All of the cooking and cleaning is hard work, but it's worth it in the end!

Use Recipes
- The Whole 30 online community has a great following and there are so many wonderful, delicious recipes available to inspire your mealtime routines. You will tire of a plate full of veg and protein, so get creative!

Eating Out
- You don't have to give up going out with friends, you just need to plan ahead. Check the menu at the restaurant ahead of time to make sure there's options that are compliant. If the options are limited either suggest a different restaurant, or have a filling snack before hand. 
- A typical meal out will almost always involve an alcoholic beverage. During Whole30, I would instead order a bottle of sparkling water as a substitute.

Find a Buddy
- I would not have been able to do Whole30 if I hadn't done it with Drew. Doing it with a friend keeps you accountable and you have someone who understands the ups and downs that you experience throughout the month. Plus it's someone to share the cooking and cleaning with :) 

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

holiday shopping guide

The weather has turned, the stores are in full blown Christmas mode and there is officially no way to avoid the fact that the holidays are fast approaching!!! (I am happy as a clam!)

We're off to the beach next week, but I've already started thinking about my shopping list and who we will have gifts to buy for. I truly enjoy gift giving and take the task of finding a perfect gift for each of my friends and family very seriously.

I've put together some gift giving ideas, inspired by some of my favorite things and small luxuries that are sure to brighten spirits... Happy shopping! xx

I have this product in 'beam' and its become a product I reach for daily. I had always been nervous about liquid blush, but it's subtle and build-able and leaves you with a rosy glow. 

Pair this with a bag of your favorite coffee and a cute coffee canister. It's pretty enough to leave on the counter top all day long.  

This simple beaded necklace would add an elegant flair to a classic holiday outfit. 

Soul Cycle is where it's at, but hey, those club-like spin classes are expensive! Give this to a friend who loves to get a good sweat on!

This is my favorite candle scent and truly the only scent you'll smell burning in our house come the holidays. The mercury glass  gives a lovely aesthetic and the three-pak of votives allow you to spread the candles throughout your home, so you can enjoy that cozy, woodsy smell in every room. 

Huge fan of this company based out of Brooklyn. The spicy honey is so heavenly (think warm, buttery cornbread... yup), that I can't imagine the maple syrup and sriracha would be anything less then stellar.  

Whether you frequent the beach, pool, cottage or park, this towel is an adorable way to mark your spot. 

Skin products are always on the top of my want/need list. Le Labo is known for their custom perfumes and high-end beauty products and a charcoal mask will work for all skin types (plus the jar will look gorg for your bathroom shelfies).  

The cutest little catch-all for jewelry at the end of the day. V de V on Ossington also sells adorable little earrings to pair with it, perfect for your girlfriends. 

I love these natural rope baskets, they'd be lovely filled with fresh tangerines in your kitchen over the holidays. 

Everyone loves sock, don't they?! This work week pack is clever and useful!

We bought one of these speakers this summer and it's the coolest - portable, loud and it even floats! It syncs seamlessly to your cellphone and has a great battery life. It's a bit of a splurge but truly, a neat gift for someone special. 

With our cold, windy winters, anyone would be happy to receive a warm, cozy hat. The key is to always combine warmth with style, which is achieved with this stylish yarn toque. 

We're big game players at our house and this is one of our favorites at the moment. It's easy for beginners to catch on and you can play with up to 8 people - a great gift for a fun couple.