Wednesday, July 25, 2012

go broke on the blouse

{ Equipment blouse via Shopbop }

i have a few silky blouses in my closet at home and find them to be simple and pretty go-to pieces. i love the collar-less neckline with the patterned sleeve look of this blouse from the french line Equipment. check out their other lovely pieces here. i think the peach shoulder cut out blouse would be lovely for a warm summer night of patio drinks!

Sunday, July 22, 2012

gone sailing

{photo: me; an island off the coast of St. Tropez}

Or rather, canoeing... After getting back from Europe, we had a quick turn around and headed up north. We're now half way through the summer and I'm very much enjoying myself. Camp lifestyle took a little bit of getting used to but I really dig it, and I'm loving my first summer spent with D.

I have two trips planned once my contract is done here at camp. I'm headed out East for a week to visit my best friend and go to a wedding, then out West to visit family and friends. We currently have one way tickets to B.C., but should be  returning around Thanksgiving! It's both exciting and nerve racking thinking about returning to "real life"!

Our travel blog was a great success! We enjoyed writing it and it appears lots of people enjoyed reading it. I'm itching to start up on love me simply again and plan to slowly start work on it again while I'm here up north! I have a long list of entries I want to get started on!