Thursday, February 27, 2014

a love knot

I won't get into the details but I accidentally bought myself a necklace at Christmas time that D had already secretly picked up... (oops) Anyways the shop it's from only gave credit notes and last time I returned back I picked up a delicate, little silver ring. I fell in love with it's simplicity and have been wearing it ever since. This week as I was catching up on some blogs a blogger linked to the exact same ring and I was so happy to learn that it's called a 'love knot'! How cute is that, I now love it even more.

a good look

How sharp is this look from the Fall 2014 presentation from J Crew? The styling truly is impeccable and spot on every.single.season... 
The blouse sort of reminds me of this wallpaper - isn't it beautiful?

Monday, February 24, 2014

the beach froze over

We spent the weekend up at one of my oldest friend's cottage on Lake Huron. It was so nice to get out of the city and return back to a place that brings back such happy nostalgia. There was SO much snow up there and we had such fun trampling through during our walks on Saturday - I get giddy just thinking about it. D and I really enjoyed ourselves challenging each other to daringly step out further on the frozen lake and tumbling head first down the hill when we went tobogganing. A wonderful weekend spent with great friends, loads of snow and a cute furry puppy dog - doesn't get much better. 

{ How amazingly bright blue is the sky!? }

Sunday, February 23, 2014

music monday

How was your weekend? We managed to sneak out of the city up to Lake Huron and spend the weekend with friends at their cottage - a great little escape. I've got a busy couple of weeks ahead of me with work obligations, Halifax on the weekend and California on the 7th but busy is just the way I like it, plus both trips are filled with reunions with loved ones. No better way to start the week then with a few fun tunes. Happy Monday!

Thursday, February 20, 2014

random link love

This cold I've been fighting has left me feeling like a bit of a scatter brain. I've been cozying up on the couch nightly trying to rid my body of the sickness - reading and catching up on some blogs and thought I would share some random world wide web lovin'...

I'm totally caught up in and loving this book right now

How do you curl your hair? I'm tempted to try one of these

This collage made me yearn for summer patio cocktails with girlfriends

I'm being a girl and trying to pick a vacation nail polish color - I'm thinking Fiji

Are you watching this show? It looks so creepy!

My skin always gets so dry in the winter so I loved reading these suggestions

As the lady who's often running a little late - I bookmarked these tips

In the midst of this winter drab, these ideas would brighten up any work space

This treat reminds me of Paris - I can't wait to try them

With summer sunshine on it's way these sunnies are topping my wishlist

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

winter cold

How was your long weekend? While we did manage to make it up north and fit in a day of skiing we ended up back at home early yesterday both sick with a nasty cold. Curled up in bed I did manage to knock another nominated movie off my "to watch" list. I watched August: Osage County and found it to be a telling, emotional tale about the complexities of family dynamics.

At first I was conflicted with the feelings some of this years nominations were leaving me with, but the more I watch the more I realize the films are meant to evoke emotions - that aren't always going to be happy and pleasant but that that is part of the art form of the story and the acting - and with that realization I have taken on a new kind of enjoyment.

Have you seen August: Osage County? I love anything with Julia Roberts and this was no let down, she must be one of the most beautiful women ever. Meryl Streep is also fantastic in it. Watch the trailer here.

So far my pick is for Matthew to win for Dallas Buyers Club and 12 Years a Slave to Win Best Picture - my two cents in case you were wondering. Will you tune into the Oscars on March 2nd?

Friday, February 14, 2014

just because

... I'm dreaming of California and some warmer weather - snow boots on the daily is getting just a little bit tiresome!

happy valentines day

{ True Love }

Have a wonderful day spent with people you love, consuming as much chocolate as you can handle. XO

coconut shrimp

Coconut shrimp are one of those items on a menu that I'm almost always tempted by. I had tried this recipe a few years ago but hadn't made it in a while. I went by memory and really forgot how easy and tasty these are. You can make these ahead of time as a party appetizer or just whip them up for a yummy dinner. Keep reading for my recipe.

How to Make: Coconut Shrimp
1 dozen peeled, de-veined  raw shrimp
4 tbsp flour
1/2 tsp ground ginger
salt & pepper
1 egg
1 tsp honey
3 tbsp panko bread crumbs
11/2 tbsp shredded unsweetened coconut
vegetable oil for frying (or whatever type you prefer)

1. prepare three bowls for battering
2. in first bowl combine flour, ginger, salt and pepper
3. in second bowl whisk egg and honey
4. in third bowl combine panko and coconut
5. dip shrimp in each bowl (in order as listed above), coating evenly in each stage
6. place battered shrimp on plate until all complete
7. fill deep pan with oil (about an inch deep) and let heat up
8. drop half of shrimp in at once (you don't want them crowded in the pan)
9. flip after about three minutes or when golden brown
10. let dry on paper towel and do second batch
11. serve and enjoy!

Monday, February 10, 2014

just because

music monday

{ John Butler Trio @ Danforth Music Hall }

As an early Valentine's Day date, D and I went to see John Butler Trio last week at the Danforth Music Hall - which by the way is a super great venue. Their new CD came out last week and it's packed full of good tunes. I had seen the band twice previously and only fell more in love more after Thursday's show. All three band mates are super duper talented and John Butler's guitar skills leave me giddy and awestruck everytime he starts a new song. So in honor of some great musicians, this week is starting off with a little JBT, hope you enjoy as much as we do...

Friday, February 7, 2014

happy weekend

{ sweetly wrapped gift ready to shower on the momma-to-be }

Do you have any fun plans this weekend? I'm going to my first baby shower(!) and am hoping to get through some more Oscar nomination movies. This week felt a little long so I'm mostly looking forward to unwinding and relaxing around home.

Whatever you get up to, have a good one! xx


I look forward to weekend breakfasts all week long. In an effort to give D a break from cooking (he makes the yummiest scrambled eggs) and in an effort to fulfill my craving for an omelette - I took over making Saturday's breakfast a few weeks ago. I kept the ingredients simple but the finished product was exactly what I had craved - fluffy eggs and gooey cheese. Hoping this might inspire your weekend breakfast - see below for how I made them. 

How to Make:

Finely grate old cheddar cheese (as much or little as desired)
Finely chop green onion
Whisk 2 eggs for a minute
Heat butter in a frying pan over medium-high heat. 
(Important: You want the pan hot when you put the eggs in)
Pour eggs in, turn down the heat and cover pan. 
When the eggs are close to cooked spread grated cheese and green onion over half.
Replace lid to melt cheese. Once melted, fold non-cheesy half over on cheese and green onion. 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

grey sweats

Grey sweatpants... The clothing version of the ultimate comfort food. Just wanted to let you know about these sweet sweats I picked up this week at Joe Fresh for only $19! They're super cozy, lightweight and still flattering. I figured it was like girl code or something to pass on a good deal on grey sweatpants, too good to keep to myself.

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

pay it forward

Yesterday I got tagged in a Facebook post instructing me that I had 24 hours to 'Pay It Forward'. A friend had left a gift card for a coffee shop for an unassuming patron and I had been 'tagged' and was to perform a random act of kindness for a stranger in the next day. While the idea of paying it forward wasn't something new, I appreciated the pressure to make that effort. An effort to be kind and thoughtful - something that can so easily be forgotten in a daily routine.
This morning I wrote a little note and paid for an extra coffee and muffin at my favorite local coffee shop. The owner promised to pass on my little note and treat someone for their order later on in the day. I'm looking forward to going back tomorrow to hear about the reaction of the recipient.

I tagged two friends to continue paying it forward, but would love to encourage and 'tag' all my readers. You're IT! Pay it forward - do something kind for a stranger. The joy of giving is a joy worth experiencing more often.

winterlicious: bent

I'm sure many of you have heard of or even enjoyed at meal out at Winterlicious or Summerlicious. It's a foodie event in the city where those restaurants taking part create fixed price lunch and dinner menus. I was sort of on the fence about participating this year, debating the value, but after last nights dinner at Bent I am so very pleased we decided to take part. 
D and I ended up getting a last minute reservation after being put on the waiting list and decided to make it an early Valentine's dinner date. The Winterlicious menu offered a good variety of flavors and had quite a few items from their regular menu. We shared everything we ordered - which in my opinion is the best way to eat! - and got to try so many flavor combinations that aren't a part of the regular foods we eat. Unfortunately it was too dark to photograph the food but literally every single bite that we put in our mouths was amazing. We both didn't want the meal to end. As ridiculous as our reservation process started off I'm really glad we ended up getting the chance to try this restaurant. The experience was amazing and the menu provided good value in comparison to the cost of the regular menu. 

If you're ever looking for the restaurant just look for the big red arrow :)

Do you have any dining plans for Winterlicious? I'd love to hear restaurant suggestions.

mexican rose

I've seen these Nars Lip Pencils and have been dying to try one out!...Have you ever used one? I think the Mexican Rose shade would be such a fun way to brighten up my typical winter routine!

Monday, February 3, 2014

a good read: benediction

I ordered a few books off Amazon at Christmas time and Kent Haruf's Benediction was the first one I finished reading. The author tells the story of Dad Lewis, a man diagnosed with cancer, as he navigates his final days and tries to make peace with the relationships he's shared in his lifetime. The characters have an interesting depth that left me wanting to know more. It's an emotional read that brings you face to face with the parts of death that hurt but at the same time allow for necessary healing. You're likely to be crying by the end of the book, but I would sacrifice the tears for a second read.
(It was also nominated by Chapters as one of the best books of 2013!)