Tuesday, April 30, 2013

it's all good by gwyneth paltrow

Not that it actually means anything but People recently named Gwyneth Paltrow the years hottest woman and I figured I'd take the opportunity to talk about my all time biggest girl crush. She was on Chelsea Lately (my nightly guilty pleasure) tonight and was darling as usual. She talked about her new cookbook, and I'm definitely wanting to add her current and previous publications to my cookbook library.

Update: I think I'm slow on the up take but.... amazon.ca is the bomb dot com! I ordered both books (with tax and shipping) for the cost of what the one book would have cost me at Chapters! I will be sharing and photographing many of the recipes as I try them. And by the way, I totally fell even more in love with Gwyneth after reading the cook books! Such a fresh, natural approach to cooking and feeding friends and family. I love it!

Monday, April 29, 2013

pinky the pink flamingo

We ordered some Little Darling's for D's cousins who are pregnant as their baby gift (they chose a giraffe, monkey and bobcat)... and while I tried my darnedest, I just couldn't resist the cuteness... I plan on naming my pretty pink flamingo Pinky and housing her in a white frame and placing her on my bedside table :) (the piglet was very close to being mine as well.... that little smirk! too cute)

you're welcome

{ Bellwoods Brewery tops my list of patios to enjoy a bubbly pop }

While we're on the topic of summer and patio drinks, here's BlogTo's list of the best patio's in Toronto.

You're welcome.

all tied up

Wouldn't these hair ties add just the right amount of glamour to a plain, everyday ponytail? With the summer heat approaching, they'd be the perfect glitzy way to get your hair off your neck. Might have to swing by Sephora this week!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

summer entertaining

This weekend marked the official beginning of the warm weather and I can't wait for the season of patio cocktails and outdoor bbq's to begin. I love to host friends just as much as I love going out and these Ikea finds are getting me in the mood for some summer fun. I love the palm trees and adorable flamingos, and the bright colors are so festive and happy. And as always, everything is super affordably priced - meaning I might just have some pet flamingos as of later this week :)

Thursday, April 25, 2013

tips on setting a table

How to set a table properly is one of those things that always seems to have certain variables depending on who you ask. As a lady who loves to host, this blog post was quickly saved to my favorite pages. I'm sure I will be referring to it in the near future - I guess I just need to acquire/purchase some of my own cutlery in the meantime...

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

good eats: playa cabana

I had a night out with girlfriends from university last week. We're all self-proclaimed "foodies", and there are particular allergies that exist within the group - so choosing a restaurant, let alone a date, is always a detailed, lengthy process. I wasn't overly excited for Mexican food when we decided on a restaurant, but I'm glad I kept my opinions to myself, because our meal at Playa Cabana (the Dupont & Davenport location) was amazing. Better than Mexico Mexican, but with the same type of tequilla- doused margaritas enjoyed on vacation. I ordered a braised steak burrito that was covered in two different type of tomato sauces that I thoroughly enjoyed. Each bite was better than the last, and I barely managed to save a few bites to bring home to D so that he'd be on board the next time I wanted to go. The location we were at was tiny, but they have a second location on Dundas West. I was stoked to see Toronto Life highlighting this Mexican eatery. I've been to Grand Electric, and although it was truly great, this was better. But hey, I'm not claiming to be no Mexican aficionado, so go try em for yourself!

bikini body

{ top & bottom }

Wouldn't this bikini be the perfect balance of flirty and fun for summer pool parties. There aren't many bikinis that I see and think, that would fit my body - top and bottom! Unfortunately, I think I'm going to have to keep on shopping since I haven't budgeted $400 for bathing suits this season... jeez- maybe one day!

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

just because

They're mine, they're on their way, and I can't wait to wear them. 

cobb salad

There's a restaurant near my office that has the best Cobb Salad that I've been craving lately. Instead of spending the money at the diner, I decided to try and recreate it at home. It takes a little bit of prep getting everything ready but the tasty end product is worth the work. I love the combination of flavors and different textures - it was a hit and definitely a successful recreation! I don't think there's much explanation needed for how to make, but I will share that I used blue cheese dressing.

Sunday, April 21, 2013

summer hostess/housewarming gift

One of our closest friends has recently moved out and we headed to her place for the first time over the weekend. She's a great friend and I wanted to get her a little something to celebrate the exciting move. I've mentioned it before, but CB2 (Crate and Barrel's cheaper younger sister store) is such a great resource for affordable, designer housewares. It's my go-to for hostess/housewarming gifts and you can be sure it didn't disappoint this time 'round. 
With the warm weather and summer entertaining around the corner, I wanted to pick something that she can use to host friends. The glasses don't photograph too great, but they're fun and festive with brightly colored, handpainted stripes. The pitcher is minimalistic and simple- highlighting whatever fun cocktail she chooses to serve. And the stir spoon will come in handy for stylishly mixing all the fancy beverages- making you look like a bona-fide bartender!
The gift was a big hit (we received an enthusiastic thank you email soon after leaving) and I'm sure it earned us an invite back for some cocktails when the warmer weather rolls in ;) 

Thursday, April 18, 2013



I follow Jennifer Zuener on Instagram and am constantly drooling over her endless pieces of gorgeous jewelry. Each and every piece is delicate and so beautifully designed. I loved everything about this bracelet and was devastated when I realized it had fallen off somewhere at camp. I can't wait to save up some pennies to splurge on this lariat necklace. I love the way the thin gold piece falls and I'm such a sucker for anything gold. 

self - esteem dove commercial

{ via }

After watching this Dove video, I liked reading these self esteem tips. It's sometimes hard to stay positive but we shouldn't be too hard on ourselves! Let me remind each and every one of you - you are all great, beautiful, intelligent, wonderful people! (this little girl has it down)

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

just because

I've been back working downtown for a couple of weeks and have found myself venturing out at lunch and after work to window shop or meet up with friends. And while I'm usually a supporter of long, lean legs in heels, if there's any sort of walking involved, I'm definitely reaching for a pair of flats. I love that Tod's offers such style and quality in a practical, functional shoe. I've got my head in the clouds thinking my summer closet revamp is going to include one, let alone four pairs, of Tod's but hey - sometimes it's fun to daydream.

{ 1, 2, 3, 4 }

diy bookends

The internet serves for all sorts of inspiration and there was no exception when it came to these bookends. Our books are currently housed in an Ikea billy bookcase (which I sort of hate - it has NO personality) and I'm looking forward to having an excuse to buy/make/design a new way to display our books when we move. I'm sort of imagining an open structure of sorts (floating shelves even..) and feel these gorgeous sparkly new bookends will be the perfect decoration to keep our books upright and in place.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

what dreams are made of

My birthday is still months away but I couldn't help but dream and start to plan ahead after seeing these donut cakes on A Cup of Jo earlier today. I'd be lying if i said I wasn't hoping my 25th birthday celebrations were going to involve donut cakes - brilliant, right?

madewell wishlist

I'm not one to wish away winter but these warmer temperatures have me hoping that spring shows up sooner rather than later. Couldn't help but browse around Madewell for some summer inspiration.

You can never go wrong with a chambray shirt...

I've read other bloggers reviews - this is the summer dress.

Comfy and casual dress for warmer nights

Perfect jean vest for summer concerts

I'm picturing this striped number with jean shorts and a white blazer for girls nights.

And a little sparkle to top it all off - with this chevron cuff

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

black & white

{ 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 }

You can never really go wrong pairing black and white - it's a classic combo that just works every time and never disappoints as a go-to or fallback option. I'm a fan of all these affordable options from Forever 21 to keep things sleek and stylish this summer. 

wrist love

{ Joe Fresh ($9), BCBG (old), Banana Republic (old) }

I've been seeing lots of ladies stacking their wrists full of bracelets lately and I'm diggin' the looks. Layering jewels on spikes on color on metallics - it's a fun way to show your personality and add a little sass to any outfit. I'm always a fan of the classic black and gold combo and loved the little flare it gave my regular work attire.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

a seat at the yellow table

D and I go on nightly walks around the neighborhood and on a recent Sunday we found this chair out in someone's trash. At D's camp, the important guys of the summer sit at the "Yellow Table". A wooden table and set of chairs painted bright yellow that only their special selves can sit in for each meal all summer long. When we saw the chair out at the curb, it instantly reminded us of a yellow table chair so we decided a DIY project was in order.
The chair was sort of wobbly when we found it, so we took it apart and glued it all back together. Then we picked up some yellow paint and primer and given the chair was previously black it took a lot of sanding and quite a few coats of primer and paint. 
It nearly killed me not being able to finish the product in a matter of a few hours, but it's been fun to work at it over the past week together and we're both in love with our very own, bright "yellow table chair".  I'm hoping it will help D make it through his first summer away from camp.