Wednesday, August 31, 2016

new york city weekend

{ lounge cocktails @ the Hudson Hotel }

In just two short sleeps we will be off to New York City for the long weekend! My cousin is hosting her wedding reception on Sunday evening and we decided to make a weekend of it. My parents are heading down too, so I'm looking forward to a mini family vacation. 

We've booked our favorite steak house for the night we arrive and my mouth is watering already, it's seriously the best. New York City has so much to offer, which is what makes it so fun returning time after time, there's so many new things to check out and eat and drink! 
I'm trying not to micro plan every second of our weekend but here are a few things I hope we make time for:
- drinks @ the Standard Hotel beer garden (after walking the Highline)
- a walk through the Whitney Museum (recommended by a friend)
- steamed eggs @ Buvette (feels like your in Paris)
- wedding shoe shopping in Soho
- a bike ride through Central Park

Monday, August 29, 2016

hello monday

{ wild blueberry pancakes + bacon }

We had quite the weekend, the type that my body would not be able to handle on repeat, but that is super fun every once in a while. To kick things off on Friday, we had dinner on the veranda overlooking the city at the Royal Canadian Yacht Club, an annual tradition with some university friends. 
Then on Saturday D and I went to the baseball game - we had a bit of a bike lock crisis, but arrived in time to watch the Jays mega comeback. We had an impromptu date at 416 Snack Bar then met up with friends at the CNE. We got ride passes and there was some serious giggling going on.. :)
On Sunday I shopped for some wedding decor then D and I met up with my parents. We were meant to go check out a wedding band, but after a scheduling error, we ended up at Bellwoods Brewery.

The CNE is always an indication that summer is winding down, but luckily we have a busy September with lots to look forward to! 

{ dressed in white for dinner RCYC }

{ sights at the CNE }

{ Misfits pilates studio, my favorite place to be on Tuesday & Wednesday evenings }

{ Pan-Asian food last week at Miss Things, the corn fritters were delicious! }

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

the ever important... wedding shoes

So... Now that I've got 'the dress' under wraps, it's time to accessorize! I haven't thought about necklace or bracelet quite yet, so my two main focuses are (1) earrings and (2) shoes. D only has a couple of inches on me, so I'm leaning towards wearing flats or small kitten heels. I've been thinking our upcoming trip to New York City will be a pretty good opportunity for some serious shopping but wanted to get a jump on browsing... here are some pretty options.

Friday, August 19, 2016

happy weekend

{ gin & sparkling rhubarb soda }

Thank goodness it's Friday! It felt so good to get back to blogging a little bit more regularly this week. We've gotten all of our wedding quotes back, so it's allowed my brain a little bit of non-wedding creative freedom. But we do have some exciting wedding decisions ahead of us - oh, and a cake tasting too!

We're off to a friends cottage this afternoon and are hoping to escape the city early to beat traffic. I can't wait to swim in the lake (first lake swim of the summer!), sip on cold rose and do manicures on the dock!

Cheers to the weekend! xx

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Here are a few fun links....

Not surprising to see Kendall on the September Issue

Handy tips, as we look to book our honeymoon

{ fun summer jewelry }

{ donut from Tori's Bakeshop }

{ babysitting D's cousins little boy last weekend }
(inevitably on what felt like the hottest day of the summer) 

{ my favorite sushi in the city }

backyard envy

Talk about backyard envy. Everything Camille Styles seems to touch turns to gold and her backyard is no exception. Her family home in Austin is dreamy beyond words - it's open and airy and reminds me of a French villa. It would be amazing to be able to escape into the yard after a long work day - enjoy a cocktail on the day bed or have friends over for a family style meal. See the rest of the design here

Wednesday, August 17, 2016

a handy gadget

Do you ever use your ipad when trying new recipes? You adjust the settings so that the screen doesn't go dark every thirty seconds, but then you're still left awkwardly trying to move the ipad with sticky fingers when you realize you need to roll out the cookie dough exactly where you put the ipad?

This sleek stone piece would solve everything. It would allow you to display and access frequently used kitchen tools, while at the same time holding your ipad in place. It would be great for following recipes, or even watching Netflix or listening to music while you're making dinner.

Monday, August 15, 2016

must-have jeans

So apparently these jeans had a 600 person wait list. They're 100% cotton, have no stretch, but will give a little with wear. They combine every of-the-moment jean trend into one stylish pair that are worthy of the price tag. Wish-listed.

RIO 2016

Over the weekend, someone asked me "On a scale of 1-10 how excited are you about the Rio Olympics?" I wasn't sure of my answer, because honestly I hadn't paid a whole lot of attention leading up to the games. But as soon as we turned on the opening ceremonies, that familiar excitement washed over me and we've been glued to the TV at every opportunity.

Personally, the Olymics always make me so proud to be a Canadian. I'm proud of all of the athletes who have dedicated their lives to representing our country and the sacrifices they, their families and their couches have made. I can still remember being in Vancouver for the 2010 winter games and screaming my heart out, as we cheered on the Canadian athletes.

This year, I can't help but stop to think about the bigger picture. As the Afghanistan athletes walked into the opening ceremonies, there were only male athletes, and the announcers spoke to their all-male team, noting that it's not for lack of interest by females in Afghanistan but rather fear of showing interest, that there are no female athletes. Women are scared to show interest in sport.

I grew up playing sports, always encouraged to participate and try out for school teams. My parents coached our all-girls soccer team and were always positive and supportive. It fostered a great confidence in me, I made countless new friends and was tough the importance of team work. I struggle knowing not all girls are given equal opportunity and I hope that I get to experience and see change in my lifetime.

In the same breath, I love that the games bring the world together. Differences and diversity is celebrated. The above photo went viral of an Egyptian athlete competing against a German athlete. The volleyball governing body (not the formal title) recently changed the rules on the sports uniforms to be more inclusive of personal and ethnic preferences, which is a welcome acknowledgement and inclusive amendment.

I don't know about you but the Olympics give me all sorts of feels!

Wednesday, August 10, 2016

hotel crush

As we've been starting to research honeymoon destinations, I'm really into boutique hotels, brimming with color and character, and with hotel bars that are guaranteed to whip up the tastiest cocktails. 

Not that Tennessee is necessarily a honeymoon destination of choice, but between the music scene in Nashville and the barbeque in Memphis, I can see how The Dwell Hotel would definitely be mandatory stop over to round out a future trip to Tennessee. 

The hotel has sixteen rooms, each with it's own vibrant personality. I'd love to stay in the Flamingo room or the New Yorker with the lovely little patio - perfect for pre-dinner drinks. 

{ photos via Design Sponge }