Monday, May 29, 2017

whole 30 : day 1

Pre-wedding included a whole lot of working out, watching what I ate and prioritizing my health. Post-wedding has been the happiest three months of my life, but I took a month off workouts and have been eating and drinking whatever I want. Three months later, it's caught up to me. It's resulted in weight gain and not feeling too great about myself. 

When friends recently told us about Whole 30, an eating program they had been following, we agreed it was something both D and I needed to do for ourselves. We purchased the guide book, the cookbook and prepared ourselves over the weekend to get started this morning. One of our faults, in our normal daily lives, is laziness and not preparing ourselves to succeed in eating healthy - so we're making it a priority for the next 30 days. 

The breakdown: The Whole 30 Program
Length: 30 days

(but the goal is to break bad habits and form a new relationship with food, which would obviously continue past 30 days)

Restrictions: No Dairy (cheese, milk, yogurt), No Gluten or Grains (bread, oats, quinoa, rice), No Sugar (no processed but no natural sugars either, like honey, maple syrup), No Legumes (beans, soy), No Alcohol 

(the idea is to remove foods that are best known for causing inflammation and problems, removing them, letting your body heal - them systematically reintroducing them (after the 30 days))

What we'll be eating & drinking: Fruits, Vegetables (except corn and peas), Meat, Eggs, Nuts, Coffee, Sparkling Water

I weighed myself this morning and took note of how I was feeling (any aches and pains) and have started a note in my phone. I expect to miss sugar the most and have a hard time saying no to patio beers - but am determined to stick to the program for 30 days, no cheating! 


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