Friday, May 12, 2017

birthday baskets

We celebrated a good friends birthday recently with lazer tag and a pizza party. It was totally reminiscent of younger days, (admission: I had actually never played lazer tag), and while we might have been the oldest kids at lazer quest, we totally had a blast.

D and I went in on a gift with another friend and we came up with the idea of putting together a basket of treats, given the birthday boy is a total 'foodie'. The finished product was filled with a mix of savory, sweet and spicy goods - from different Toronto hot spots and a Roncy specialty grocer.

Here's what went in the basket:
- a Bellwoods Brewery beer ($6)
- Terroni pepperocini ($9)
- Cumbrae's original spice rub ($6)
- fancy sea salt ($6)
- handmade caramels ($1.50)
- whiskey barbeque sauce ($8)
- root beer syrup (that you mix with tonic) ($11)
- bacon chocolate bar ($5)
- a Toronto key chain holder ($12)
- bakset ($7)
Total Cost (with tax): $80

I wrapped it all up with cellophane and a big bow and it turned out so well, it might be my new go-to gift for upcoming summer events.

You could totally mix-up what you include, depending on the occasion... 
House Warming: organic cleaning products, candle, ceramic key dish
Summer BBQ: grilling utensils, paper napkins, fancy ketchup or mustard

Tip:: Dollarama and Home Sense are great spots to stock up on wrapping essentials to keep on hand -  I always have a few rolls of cellophane and different ribbons. I also recycling wrapping stuff where possible - the paper filling actually came with a wedding gift and I just put it in a ziploc, saving it for later! Another idea, when you see cute, affordable items - pick them up! I love having little memento's on hand for last minute gift giving.

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