Friday, April 7, 2017


{ the sweetest package from Hugh Whitaker (our wedding photographer) }

I am happily welcoming the weekend after a rainy week in Toronto (fun fact: it's supposed to be 20 degrees next week!!!). We are going for teppanyaki with friends tonight (you know, like this) and I'm expecting dinner to include sake bombs and a lot of laughter. We received the rest of our wedding photos this week, and are obsessed with each and every shot (all 800 of them!). Our photographers did such an over-the-top terrific job of capturing the day, it's been great to re-live it.

Whatever your weekend includes, I hope you enjoy yourself. xx

{ take-out from Grand Electric }

{ completely addicted to this podcast }

{ a fun new game friends introduced us to } 
{ we went out and bought three to give as gifts! }

{ one of the first recipes I tried from the internet years ago that's still a go-to favorite }

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