Friday, April 28, 2017

happy friday

Living two blocks away from High Park has it's perks. D and I woke up early on Wednesday morning and rode over to the park to check out the cherry blossoms (and beat the crowds). We brought a thermos full of coffee and sat among the trees and then snuck into Grenadier Cafe for an early bird breakfast before heading back home and off to work. It was unexpectedly wonderful, and a nice way to break up the week. 

D's parents are back in town this weekend for another visit before they head back out West. We're booked at the Drake tonight for cocktails and it'll be fun to show them around one of our favorite spots. We have a couple of busy weeks coming up, and this weekend kicks things off. Hoping to balance the busy with morning coffee and enjoying the spring sunshine. Whatever you have planned, enjoy your weekend xo

{ last weekend marked the one year anniversary of getting engaged (lots has happened in a year!) }

{ cute decor at Oak Island, the newby on Ossington }

{ seriously good eats at When the Pig Came Home }

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